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Visit this site and discover out what is soy lecithin made of, by a combination of sugars, phospholipids, triglycerides, sugars, fatty acids, along with other minor elements.


Do you hear about what is soy lecithin made of? Otherwise, enter this site and understand that it is, its advantages, particularly for the prevention of breast cancer along with its wonderful healing powers it brings to the body.

Lecithin is a Substance found in the tissues or cells of vegetables and animals, particularly nervous tissues, fats from creatures, some seeds, in egg yolk, and is used to carry on the life of some foods.

Among these Foods, salad dressings, ingestion oil, margarine, or chocolate could be named; it is also employed for the manufacture of pharmacy products (medicines and cosmetology (beauty products).


On the Chemical Website, you can learn a bit more about that substance and especially in the composition of soy lecithin powder which you have at your disposal; this really is a kind of lecithin that is obtained from raw shellfish.

This really is one of The most asked food additives on the market; it's used in most restaurants or places to eat, guaranteeing its customers great digestion and favorable benefits for their health, this kind of lecithin is a natural product that will help enhance some existing conditions in your body.

Lecithin is also Located in grains of all kinds of grains, sunflower, milk, soy, shellfish, cotton seeds, along with other foods, for this reason it is important to understand about what is soy lecithin made of? (What is I'm lecithin made of).


This material Is extracted from soybeans, which has as a component the tiny amounts of carbohydrate, protein and free fatty acids; the main one is the renowned Phosphatylcholine that contains 80% and 20% of the total existing fat.

Soy lecithin powder is a Multifunctional substance, because they're used in the production of different food products for animal and human consumption, pharmaceuticals or products, among other helpful products for people.